What Do You Make of Your Tools?

“I always pray with joy because of
your partnership in the gospel”

A man moved his family into a new home and neighborhood. Not long after, he observed one of his new neighbors wrestling to mount a TV antennae on his roof (obviously pre-cable era). Not one to stand by and watch, he grabbed his tool box and walked across the street to offer his help. The two of them soon had the antennae properly installed and the man set out to return to home.

Another neighbor taking in the scene asked him, “What do you make with all those tools?” “Friends, mostly!”

Mission Northeast has several tools in its toolbox which we can deploy to help our churches wrestling to make friends for the Kingdom of God. Three of those tools were out on last week at our Chart Your Course! Gatherings.

  • Church Health Assessment – We can assist churches in improving their overall health so that they can become more effective in making friends for the Kingdom of God.
  • Community Demographics – Do you really know the people who live in your ministry area? With our MissionInsite toolset, Mission Northeast can help you, not only to know the who, but also the how of strategizing to make friends for the Kingdom of God
  • Guidestone Financial Services – The new CBA Associational Retirement Plan provides its own set of tools. Guidestone provides resources that can equip your church and pastor to put together an appropriate compensation plan and to make adequate preparation for the retirement years. When churches practice good organizational stewardship in this area the pastors are freed up to focus on ministry without undue concern over finances in the present and for the future. Contact Guidestone.org.

Perhaps at the present time you don’t feel the need for any of these tools. That’s fine. When you support Mission Northeast, you are supporting your sister Mission Northeast churches who are in need of these and other tools at our disposal. As member churches, we are in a covenantal relationship, binding us together in mission and mutual support, all for the sake of “making and growing disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Please be sure increase your support in this next year for Mission Northeast. Virtually all financial support is invested in our Area Directors – the most important tools in the Mission Northeast Tool Box. We are working to assist our pastors and churches in their task of making friends for the Kingdom of God.

Your Partner in the Gospel, 

David Forsythe
Lead Executive Area Director

Edwin Colon – New York City             e.colon@missionnortheast.org
Gershwin Grant – Hudson Valley       g.grant@missionnortheast.org
Dave Johnson – Upstate New York   d.johnson@missionnortheast.org

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