Ministry Mapping

A map is a great tool. It can help us understand where we are and help us discover how to get to where we want to go, whether across the mall, across town, or across the country. Like any journey, the ministry is most fruitful when we have a clear destination in mind and understand the resources we have and the steps needed to get there. Ministry Mapping is a process to help a church discover where they are and where the Lord of the church is leading them.

Speaking to His disciples on the necessity of counting the costs in following Him, Jesus appeals to the common wisdom of a builder carefully estimating the cost of a project or a king evaluating his military strength before going to war (Luke 14:25-33). In the same way, a church needs to periodically take stock of where they are, where they are heading and the costs in following Christ in His mission.

Ministry Mapping brings alongside the church a trained team to assist in navigating the entire process and to provide perspective, insight, and guidance to strengthen the church for the journey.

Ministry Mapping will help move your church forward by

  • Exploring your uniqueness
  • Examining biblical principles
  • Envisioning your next steps
  • Engaging in Christ’s mission

Exploring Your Uniqueness

When standing at the map in the mall, it is equally important to know not only the location of the store where you want to shop, but also to find the big red “You Are Here” arrow. Ministry Mapping identifies your current location through the review of vital stats, documents, surveys and focus groups all in an effort to understand how God has uniquely equipped the church to join Him in His mission.

Examining Biblical Principles

Although the Scriptures do not provide a roadmap for the church, they do provide principles for ministry that are vital for the health and fruitfulness of a church in any cultural setting. Healthy churches intentionally apply these principles to their own unique setting in order to faithfully carry out the mission God has given to them. Ministry Mapping provides mile markers of progress in living out these principles as the church takes steps toward their vision.

Envisioning Your Next Steps

Healthy churches are united by singleness of mission and a unified vision of how the Lord wants to accomplish His work through them. “Going off in many different directions” characterizes the various ministries in unhealthy churches.

Ministry Mapping assists a church to align their ministries to their values, mission, and vision resulting in clarity of focus, unity, and synergy in accomplishing Christ’s mission. Ministry Mapping highlights major roadblocks that must be addressed so the church can accomplish its mission. It will also guide the church in formulating the practical steps to move forward to engage Christ’s mission.

Engaging Christ’s Mission

At the heart of Ministry Mapping is the conviction that Christ is still on a mission in this world to “seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10). The church joins Christ in this mission as outlined in the Great Commission (Matt. 28: 18-20). This is the mission that Christ has for every church. The faithful church will seek to understand how Christ has equipped them to join Him in this journey. That is what Ministry Mapping is all about.

Every journey begins by taking the first step. Contact CBAmerica to learn more about Ministry Mapping and how we can join you on your journey in following Christ and His mandate to make disciples of all nations. It’s a journey worth taking!

Ministry Mapping Brochure