Fully Convinced: Raising Your Children to Love and Follow Jesus

PulpitPastors, you may have heard the numerous statistics about the high percentages of children raised in the church who walk away from it after high school. As a youth pastor for over 13 years, I’m more convinced than ever that a thriving church youth ministry program is not enough to equip our students for today’s world. We must start younger and outside the walls of our churches. We must engage parents to take the lead and own their biblical roles as the primary disciplers of their children.

Many parents in our churches would acknowledge that they are primarily responsible for discipling their children. However, for many parents, their involvement in the discipleship of their children is limited to only bringing them to church programs. Most parents are woefully uninformed and unequipped in the area of home discipleship. They are leaving it all to the church.

On Friday and Saturday, February 26-27, Fishkill Baptist Church will be hosting Chap Bettis from The Apollos Project to lead a seminar for parents with children of all ages. This seminar will inspire, encourage, exhort, and equip parents to fulfill their God given responsibility to disciple their children.

Chap will share what he has learned in his 25 years of pastoral ministry in Rhode Island while raising four children with his wife Sharon. While he has made many mistakes, by the grace of God, Chap has gained much wisdom from his devotion to studying God’s Word and studying his children.

Chap has had articles from his blog featured numerous times by The Gospel Coalition. This past Fall, The Gospel Coalition featured a very insightful article of his entitled 3 Ways You Might Be Teaching Your Children the Prosperity Gospel.

As a youth pastor and father of five young children, I have become convinced that churches must do more to inspire, exhort, and equip parents to engage their children beginning at an early age. While this seminar will benefit parents with children of any age, I am especially praying for many young parents to attend and catch this important vision for Christian parenting.

Pastors, please consider partnering with us in this valuable investment in the next generation by promoting this seminar for parents called “Fully Convinced”. The event registration page is now live at FullyConvinced.eventbrite.com.  Early bird tickets are available until January 26th. For more information and promotional materials please contact MikeBMura@gmail.com or call 845-896-9386 x228.

By Pastor Mike Mura

photo of Chap Bettis

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  1. Want to contact Forthsyte but no contact information CAn you help me connect to Mission Northease. Dr Bruce Jones (315) 457-1728 Thank You

  2. 1. Where is your church???
    2. What is the schedule for Chap Bettis on Feb 27-28??
    3. How much does it cost?
    4. Do you have a list of motels to stay at?

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