Create a New Life Cycle for Your Church

Jesus declared, “I will build my church and the gates of hell are powerless to stop it.” Throughout Scripture, we see that God uses leaders to accomplish His work.

In a day of widespread church decline in America, the church is in desperate need of leaders who transform their churches with character, credibility, and competence.

Creating a New Life Cycle for a Church requires transforming leaders who…

– Know Christ’s Mission and engage their church in His mandate to make disciples.

– Know Biblical Leadership and embrace a servant model to guide their church.

– Know their Church’s Life Cycle and create a new cycle for growth or turnaround.

– Know their Community and focus their church outwardly with proactive steps to reach them for Christ.

The seminar includes a discussion guide to assist leaders in applying the principles presented to their unique context and develops action steps for implementation. For more information or to schedule this seminar please contact our Mission Northeast Ministry Center.

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