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Photo: Pastor Workneh Tesfaye


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hello (CB) Pastors and Church leaders,

We are all part of a Church Planting Movement, carried out right here in Greater Boston, by you, your church, and Missions Door – our Missionary Team partner.  However, some of us are not very engaged in that – maybe because we don’t know much about it, or we don’t know where we can possibly fit into that.

Well, here’s your God-given Big Chance to jump in!  Pastor Workneh’s church, Emmanuel Disciples Church (Ethiopian) in Boston – itself a new church plant just a few years ago – has been working hard to prepare for a new church start in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the capitol city. Pastor Workneh says , “The ministry opportunities are great here (Boston), but they are EVEN GREATER in Ethiopia!” After over a year of intense preparation in Addis, the new church there, Salvation Rock Church, is ready to launch in July of this year, 2016.

The start-up money needed for the launch and first year of the church is $26,000 – SO little, by our western standards!  We together – Emmanuel Disciples Church(EDC) and Missions Door – are seeking to raise $10,000 of that right here in our own city churches. AND we are seeking to raise it completely by the 4th of July – so it can be taken to Ethiopia with Pr. Workneh when he goes July 15th.

This is a “heads-up” alert for you. Shortly we will send to you a flyer and brief description of the new church planting and how you can get involved. Can you even now be thinking about HOW and WHEN you could invite Pastor Workneh to your church, for a brief missions challenge and videos of what God is doing? Use this as a “wake-up call” to your people to see what we ARE doing in Missions, and what we CAN do in Missions, and how GOD is on the move and we can join Him!

Thank you, and great blessings to you this Spring!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Here is an update, and a little more information on Our Opportunity to Help Plant a new Church in Ethiopia! Please read again the brief email below, that gives an inspiring look at the timing of God and the sending of our OWN missionary to launch a new church in Ethiopia.

I’ve attached a new flyer that visually outlines the marvel of Pastor Workneh coming FROM THERE to HERE and BACK AGAIN – and our part in this “Missionary loop.”  Use this in your church and among your people to highlight the great opportunity and the need for our help.

Now the update:  One God-blessed donor has pledged $16,000 toward the $26,000 need for start-up costs. HALLELUJAH!  Now that leaves the $10,000 remaining need – that I spoke of below, as a challenge for us city churches to raise.

Of that $10,000 challenge – $2000 has been pledged or received – FABULOUS!  That’s from 2 individuals and 3 churches, so far. So keep at it – we have until the 4th of July to lift up this amount.

If you can, invite Pastor Workneh (or Pastor Daniel, his brother) to come to your church in the next few weeks for even a 10 minute “Spotlight Report” that lifts up this opportunity before your people. Let them inspire you all with this call to join with God in His Unstoppable Movement to bring salvation to the (Muslim) nations of North Africa!

Pastor Workneh’s contact info is:  workneh5@comcast.net   857-544-0013 (cell).

God is moving – let’s keep up!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Here is an invigorating update on Our Own Opportunity to Help Plant a new Church in Ethiopia! You can see prior details below on the shape of this effort that WE are a part of.

First – the people:  The new church, Salvation Rock International Church, in Addis Ababa, began meeting publicly four Sundays ago. At the first meeting, there was no room for all the people. Some sat on the (still few) chairs, others sat on the floor, others were on the veranda outside listening through windows. There was great joy, singing, praying, preaching – then the casting out of demons and healing of a woman who then chose to follow Jesus – and that brought FOUR more people to be saved as well!! (Many are Muslims.) The service began at 10 AM, people didn’t go home till 8:30 PM. Pastor Workneh says that “no one wanted it to end!”

Second – the money we are raising for start-up costs there:  You see below the marvel of those who have already pledged and given.  The total pledged and/or received so far is almost $5000  (out of the $10,000 we are trying to raise)!! FABULOUS!

That is from several individuals, and 4-5 churches so far. I’m working hard to include the near-Boston suburban churches as well in this effort, and that is helping us.

Third – the Connector:  Pastor Workneh is leaving Boston (with his whole family) on Wednesday July 13, to go to Ethiopia for six weeks. He will be helping to pin down so many of the complicated details of this start-up and to lead the GRAND KICKOFF CONFERENCE they will have. Pray for his effectiveness and energy to endure!

Thank you, thank you, for your part in all this. We are seeing a great Movement of God!

Paul C. Bothwell

Missions Door, City Church Movements – Team Leader, New England
Boston Urban Academy (URBACAD), Director
(617) 576-2651  (w)     (617) 595-6512  (c)

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