Ministry Mapping/Church Health Assessments

Is your church experiencing changes, either internally – like a staff transition, or externally – like socio-economic migration of a community? Has your congregation experienced either a decline in a key metric like average Sunday Worship attendance or the number of baptisms you experienced on the last year? As a leader are you at a loss for what is next for your church? Or perhaps you would just appreciate some experienced eyes looking for ways that you can improve your congregation’s Gospel impact on your community.

The Ministry Mapping/Church Health Assessment is a proven tool to assist churches navigate a course to congregational health and gospel impact in their community. Throughout the country congregations are growing through unbelievers coming to faith in Christ.

A pastor whose church recently completed an assessment that refocused their congregation on the their primary mission field, their community wrote –

On Sunday after the service one of the ministry leaders brought a young lady in her twenties to me saying, “I just met this woman who is visiting us for the first time and discovered that she has enlisted in the Army and is awaiting her job assignment, so I told her that she cannot start a life-threatening career without the assurance that Christ is her Savior.  Pastor, she just prayed with me to receive the Lord, can we make some plans to baptize her?” 

Do you think God is stirring hearts around here?  Is this a token of a harvest which lies around the corner?  Wasn’t the team just here last weekend?  It’s too soon for good things to be happening, isn’t it?   Have I become so accustomed to seeing no fruit growing that I am unable to dance when God shows up??  It sure feels good and I going to glow for a little bit.

We have a limited number of weekends available so make sure you contact us as soon if you would like further information about doing an Ministry Mapping/Church Health Assessment.

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