How a Radio Station Fights Ebola

Community radio stations play a critical part in the fight against Ebola. Many rural communities don’t have access to information regarding the spread of the disease. And they don’t trust outsiders to give them credible information. That’s where Torli Krua comes in.

Torli is a Missions Door Missionary in the Boston Area. He works with displaced refugees, primarily from Liberia. He also offers support to the church there. He has been active in the battle with Ebola, traveling regularly to Liberia.

One way Torli saw to help in the fight against Ebola was to purchase portable mics. These mics would allow the leaders, who are often Christians, to speak to the local areas. The people in these areas need preventive public health information in order to keep themselves safe from this disease.

At the Mission Northeast Board Meeting held in March, Torli Krua asked for help with his project. A special offering of $120 was collected to help in this fight. Thank you to all who contributed. If you would like to contribute, please GO HERE.

For more information on how community radio stations play a critical role in the fight against Ebola, GO HERE.


A Call to Fast and Pray

“I’m writing to urge you, plead with you, to join Pastor Workneh Tesfaye, his church (Ethiopian) Emmanuel Disciples Church in Boston, and the Ethiopian Christian community worldwide – in fasting and praying for an end to the brutal slaughtering of Ethiopian Christians by ISIS forces and related allies– in Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Yemen, Kenya, and other places, especially in the past two weeks.  (  here and elsewhere)

Persecution of Christians is on the rise worldwide, sadly – but more viciously in the past two months than ever.  Religious targeting and persecution of ANY kind is evil, and beyond that, the slaughtering of innocent peoples anywhere defies God and humanity. We Christians ought to be the first to be raising our UNITED voices against this great evil. Are we??

Pastor Workneh urges these practical ways to help:

  1. Educate ourselves – if you’re going to cultivate a heart of passion and concern for persecuted Christians, you must educate yourself on what’s going on. This takes intentionality. Here’s a good site to use:
  2. PRAY and fast – Pray for families of the victims, for the terrible destructive ripple-effects these executions cause, for the deepening of godly, courageous faith among persecuted Christians, and for the righteousness and justice of God to triumph over this evil and be seen by all.  Your prayers and fasting can change the world!
  3. Write letters, volunteer your skills, advocate – Join with others already in the battle; Christians can use their giftings to help save the world,  to collaborate with each other and create a powerful cohesive voice and force for good. If we don’t start, who will?

Please FAST AND PRAY, joining Ethiopian Christians and so many others, to bring an end to this slaughter!”

Blessings to you all,

Paul C. Bothwell

Missions Door, City Church Movements – Team Leader, New England
Boston Urban Academy (URBACAD), Director
(617) 576-2651  (w)     (617) 595-6512  (c)


Board Meeting Held in March

Mission Northeast Board w names

The Mission Northeast board met March 23-25, 2015 at Cambridgeport Baptist Church in Cambridge, MA.  Paul Bothwell, Ministry Specialist and Boston Area Team Leader with Missions Door, facilitated interaction between the Mission Northeast board and pastors, church planters and Missions Door staff in the Boston area.   The goals of these meetings was to gain a better understanding of what God is doing in the Boston area and discuss ways in which Mission Northeast can foster greater collaboration with the rich multicultural and diverse ethnicity of the Boston area churches.

On Tuesday, March 24th, the board had the privilege of connecting with Workneh Tesfaye from Ethiopia, Pastor of Emmanuel Disciples Church; Torli Krua (by phone) who leads Liberian Refugee Ministry; Torli’s brother, Daniel Krua, and Torli’s father, Rev. Mahn Krua. Ralph Kee, who heads the Greater Boston Church-Planting Collaborative with Missions Door shared his passion connecting the work of the Boston area churches to the greater mission of the region.

On Wednesday morning, Pastor Roberto Miranda shared what God has been doing in the Hispanic community through the Congregación León de Judá. Neil Armandt, pastor in South End Neighborhood Church Boston, pastor for 30 years, and Ben Echevarria, a Church planter in Somerville, part of Elm St. Baptist in Everett.

The board was so encouraged by the meetings in the Boston Area that plans are to do the same in the New York City area in May.

The board will be meeting mid-April to discuss the development of a decentralized leadership network that will be strategically collaborative with the extremely diverse character of the Mission Northeast region.