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Highland Baptist Church – Fitchburg MA

Posted 6/22/2017

Our Church’s Vision is to be a community where everyone is welcome, noboby is perfect, and a new life is possible. 2 Cor 5:17; Mat 19:26. Our Mission is to spread the aroma of Christ’s grace and truth in our neighborhoods. 2 Cor 2:14.

We are seeking a leader of conviction, that is confident of their mission and vision in the ministry. This person should have a strong emphasis on teaching, as a great teacher makes a great leader and a great leader is a great teacher.  The pastor also needs to be an excellent communicator. A pastor that is able to communicate effectively the mission, vision and message of the gospel and how it relates to highland baptist church in both idea and practice. Communication from the pulpit down to team meetings needs to be clear, convicted and consistent. Important to this position is that the pastor will need to be someone committed to encouraging others and excels at lifting up others; particularly as Highland Baptist Church goes through a period of change and growth. Team builder; this person will be able to help unify a diverse group of people in order to “buy in” to the mission and vision of Highland Baptist Church.

Contact Person: Vincente Collins
Phone: 978-602-2468


Long Plain Baptist Church – Acushnet, MA

Posting Date: 6/2017
Long Plain Baptist Church is a small rural church that has been in operation since 1795. It sits in the outskirts of the town of Acushnet on the corner of Route 105 and Main Street. The present building, which is the third such facility, houses the church and our Nursery School (3-4 year olds). The building was designed to function more as a school than a church. The Nursery School operates on the second floor, while the church is in the basement on the first level. A third floor is used for classes on Sunday morning and during the week by the Awana program or Youth Group. It is a functional building with events, meals, and ministries held in the basement level sanctuary which has a kitchen.

Our church vision is to strive for the advancement of this church in knowledge and holiness, and to equip every member to serve Christ. To promote spirituality and to sustain worship, ordinances, discipline and doctrines as directed by Christ. The application of the biblical truths to every believer. To promote the advancement of the Gospel in every living room of every neighborhood. Affiliation with other Baptist and Reformed churches to better prepare believers to “take up their cross” in the world. The continued discipleship of youth and adults, fostering spiritual growth and evangelism.

Contact Person: Joshua Anderson, Elder
Phone: (413) 244-4293

Immanuel Baptist Church – New Hartford, NY

Posting Date: 12/2016

Immanuel Baptist Church is a diverse, growing body of believers with a heart for the family and a heart for God.  They have a full spectrum of age-range from new-born to grandparents. There is a good core of people with servant hearts.  They have a desire to bring in more young families and are looking for ways to do this.

Immanuel Baptist Church was incorporated 125 years ago and started out in the city of Utica. In the 1960’s, the church bought a parcel of land next to the Perry Jr. High School in New Hartford NY and built a new building. The Mission of the Church is to diligently make more disciples of Jesus Christ, by multiplying acts of love and service and by sharing the Gospel of Christ.  The Vision of the church is to reach those who are lost with out Christ, Raise up fully devoted followers of Christ, and Release people to serve God in the world.  We are looking for someone who has the passion to help us reach this mission and vision.

For More Information Contact:
Dave Nauss

Church of New Hope – Millville, MA

Posting Date 3/2017

We are a small-town church, average attendance 25-30 people, largely older. We are a separated group of born-again believers, founded 30 years ago, and our founding pastor recently resigned.

We are looking for a part-time, on-fire preacher-teacher who has a heart for the ministry, a vision for growth and the ability to bring out gifts within the congregation and maximize their potential.

Contact Person: Carl Hamilton
Phone: 508-883-3569

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